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Interestingly, drankorexia often begins with the fact that a woman watching her figure at a party or celebration refuses an extra portion of a snack or a hot dish in favor of a glass of her favorite, but rather high-calorie wine. At first everything looks quite harmless. But over time, for many, such substitutions become a habit, and they are resorted to not only at parties with high-calorie delicacies, but also in everyday life. Experts call this model of behavior “drankorexia” and argue that people who lose weight with the help of alcohol need the help of psychologists or psychiatrists. According to experts, the highest risk of becoming a victim of drankorexia remains among people who live on constant diets, always count calories, as well as those who consider themselves fat (even if this is not true). That is, the more dietary restrictions a person sets for himself, the higher his risk of developing drankorexia in the future.

It is enough just to understand in general terms what drankorexia is to understand that it is unsafe for health. Any diet is stressful for the body, so you need to carefully select a nutritional system for weight loss. If you constantly refuse nutritious food in favor of alcohol, you will certainly be able to lose weight. But you need to understand that regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially on an empty stomach, will sooner or later cause a whole bunch of problems, much more serious than a couple of extra pounds.

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The second danger of drankorexia is that under the influence of ethanol a person loses the ability to buy antifungal drugs reason and react in different situations. A lot can be said on this topic, but in principle everyone understands what can happen to a person while intoxicated. Since there is no such disease as drankorexia officially, there is also no specific treatment for this condition yet. However, at the first suspicion that a loved one is suffering from drankorexia, you should consult a doctor.

In addition to drug therapy, psychotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of such a patient. Most drug addicts need to consult a psychologist or psychotherapist, since food refusal often has psychological implications. Another doctor the drug addict should meet with is a nutritionist who will help restore the nutritional system with minimal side effects for the body. And of course, during the recovery period, drankorexic needs support and care from those closest to them.

  • Trying to keep up with modern trends may not end well. This list of antifungal drugs concerns women who, in pursuit of beauty, are ready to commit rash and often dangerous actions for their health.
  • In recent years, representatives of the fair sex can increasingly not only sharply limit the portions of food consumed per day, but even refuse it altogether, and fight the emerging hunger with the help of alcohol.
  • You already know what this leads to. Methods for getting rid of drankorexia combine methods for treating anorexia and alcoholism. What is drankorexia and why is it so dangerous?

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Have you ever skipped a meal because you were too busy? Or stopped eating certain foods at certain times of the day to prevent bloating? Drankorexia is a colloquial, non-medical term to describe someone who restricts calories during the day to buy antifungal online room for the calories of an alcoholic drink in the evening. This word can be fueled by judgment and negativity. Drankorexia affects many girls aged 18-23 years. In other words, this is something that many people experience without even knowing it. So it's time to talk about this alarming new trend. Drankorexia has a double meaning. skipping meals to save room for overnight calories, and depriving yourself of vital nutrients during the week to binge on the weekends.

Drankorexia is an eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat before drinking alcohol. Read more about this in our article.